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Paige Normand

Coordinator of Digital Communication Consulting & 
Instructor for the School of Media Arts & Design
James Madison University

I give university students and faculty the tools to foster meaningful,  innovative, and authentic digital composition.  I have 10 years experience with university teaching, consulting, and campus outreach. 


I am the founder and coordinator of JMU’s Digital Communication Consulting (DigiComm), where I have trained undergraduate tutors to help JMU students develop skills to produce more sophisticated and professional online content that extend beyond the classroom. We emphasizes collaboration and teamwork through partnerships with faculty across campus, one-on-one peer consultations, and workshops.


As an instructor, my top priority is empowering students to create ethical, meaningful, and innovative digital composition.  I do this by structuring my courses to include many stages of drafting and revision, offering extensive, formative feedback, focusing on hands-on creation and problem solving, and setting high standards and the means and resources to achieve success.

 In order to best serve my students, program, and university, I stay up to date with new tools, digital strategies, and platforms by regularly producing my own digital work.  

I employ the tactics we promote in DigiComm: I collaborate with my tutors, I regularly ask for their feedback, and continually strive to improve my design, aesthetics, and video production.  My  hands-on experience prepares me to discuss common pitfalls, timelines, and best production strategies with faculty and students.


"Paige created our Digital Communication Consulting services from scratch on a shoestring budget. Leveraging her expertise in teaching, tutoring, strategic planning, and program development, Paige has recruited and trained a team of media specialists who provide hundreds of customized instructional presentations and consultations annually.


DigiComm Consulting succeeds because of her tenacity, her careful mentorship of young professionals, and her ability to develop and coordinate complex partnerships with clients in diverse disciplines. Perhaps most noteworthy is her resourcefulness; as an instructional entrepreneur, she anticipates media trends and cultivates the relationships, expertise, and services that clients will need before they recognize those needs."

- Dr. Kurt Schick, Director of the Learning Centers

"Paige takes the time to create a supportive, collaborative, and transparent environment that allows her employees to thrive. Working with her as a Peer Leader at Digital Communication Consulting, I gained indispensable skills that accelerated my professional growth and helped me stand out in the workforce when applying to jobs.


Paige empowers those she works with to challenge themselves to be on the cutting edge of digital content creation. Her mentorship has and continues to shape my professional (and personal) growth. I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with and learn from Paige; I wouldn’t be where I am today without her."

- Amanda Harner, Media Fellow and Peer Leader 2015-2017

"I had the pleasure of working with Paige as she brought her vision of JMU Digital Communication Consulting to a reality. Under her leadership, our work environment was a respectful space that welcomed bold ideas and thoughtful criticism. She constantly sought out new opportunities to keep us competitive in the emerging world of digital media and learning technologies."

- Marta Vucci, Media Fellow and Tutor 2014-2015

"Paige is an especially dedicated professor and skilled leader. She treats all who work with her, especially undergraduates, as valued collaborators by emphasizing professionalism, mutual trust, respect and independence. Paige is a dynamic, supportive and motivating manager who fosters a collaborative and open environment in both the classroom and workplace.


Paige's priority is empowering her students, and it works. Over 18 months working with her as a Media Fellow, I developed invaluable skills — both technical and interpersonal — that are critical to professional success. Most importantly, thanks to her mentorship, I gained self-confidence and realized a newfound direction and drive."


- Mallory O'Shea, Media Fellow and Tutor 2014-2015



If your institution or faculty are interested in developing a tutoring program for digital assignments or a digital composition program, please get in touch!