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Paige Normand, CSM

Digital Communication
Educator and Project Manager

I am passionate about empowering learners and leveraging technology to solve complex problems.

I have over ten years of experience teaching and consulting in Higher Education and five years experience in program and project management.

I founded and coordinated James Madison University's Digital Communication Consulting (DigiComm), where I trained undergraduate tutors to help students develop skills to produce more sophisticated and professional online content that extend beyond the classroom.


We emphasizes collaboration and teamwork through partnerships with faculty across campus, one-on-one peer consultations, and workshops.


As an instructor, my top priority is empowering learners to create ethical, meaningful, and innovative digital composition.  I do this by structuring courses to include many stages of drafting and revision, offering extensive, formative feedback, focusing on hands-on creation and problem solving, and setting high standards and the means and resources to achieve success.


I stay up to date with new tools, digital strategies, and platforms by regularly producing my own digital work.


I employ the tactics we promote in DigiComm: I collaborate with my team, I regularly ask for their feedback, and continually strive to improve my design, aesthetics, and video production.  My  hands-on experience prepares me to discuss common pitfalls, timelines, and best production strategies with faculty and students.


"Paige created our Digital Communication Consulting services from scratch on a shoestring budget. Leveraging her expertise in teaching, tutoring, strategic planning, and program development, Paige has recruited and trained a team of media specialists who provide hundreds of customized instructional presentations and consultations annually.


DigiComm Consulting succeeds because of her tenacity, her careful mentorship of young professionals, and her ability to develop and coordinate complex partnerships with clients in diverse disciplines. Perhaps most noteworthy is her resourcefulness; as an instructional entrepreneur, she anticipates media trends and cultivates the relationships, expertise, and services that clients will need before they recognize those needs."

- Dr. Kurt Schick, Director of the Learning Centers


If you'd like to discuss opportunities in digital communication, instructional design, or innovative tools, I'd love to hear from you!