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As an educator and digital storyteller, I am passionate about creating effective, empathetic, and compelling online learning experiences. My decade of experience with one-on-one consultations gives me unique insight into the common questions and concerns learners face, and I approach these needs with a conversational, supportive, and informed approach to help students to get to the information, solutions, and outcomes they seek.

Personal Branding

After over a decade teaching in the classroom, I understand the effective presentation of information that emphasizes scaffolding of concepts and user engagement.

Unconscious Bias

I love creating conversational and interactive content that engages and educates the reader. This is a template for a Rise 360 course to help companies train their employees on Unconscious Bias.

Assignment Feedback

Portfolio Review

In order to give authentic and effective feedback on my students' digital projects, I create video walk-throughs to give them perspective on user experience, celebrate their successes, and offer formative input on revisions. 

Video Tutorial

StoryMap Tutorial

I love sharing free, interactive tools that can help students bring their stories to life. Knightlab has a suite of great tools. This is my instructional video on one: StoryMap.


Slide Design

When I create presentations, I emphasize effective layout, consider cognitive load and usability, and maximize understanding and retention.

Professional Communication

Program Reports

What could be drier? I think of it as a personal challenge to make complex information - such as annual reports -clear, readable, and effective. I distill data into effective graphics
and hit all the highlights while keeping the content as concise as possible.