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“The is such a valuable resource for everyone involved. I hope it is continued and expanded. It was valuable for me as a teacher, for Marta in learning how to work with students and present material, and for students in the support it gave them to experiment and create. I saw students who struggled with writing excel in turning a writing assignment into a multimedia presentation. It greatly expands the toolbox teachers and students have to work with.”
“I couldn't even really imagine the possibilities for using digital technology to achieve nonlinear storytelling - couldn't have been done without Paige and Marta.”
“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”
DigiComm Site

I created and maintain DigiComm's responsive website through JMU's CMS, Cascade. 

Media Fellow Effect

After our first year, I produced a series of interviews with our faculty partners.  Edited by Holly Warfield.

Conference Website

For the 2016 ACTLA conference, DigiComm tutors and I created this website for our three presentations. 

2016-2017: WordPress and Digital Communication

             Main Text: Bailey's The Productivity Project (2016)

                                Handley's Everybody Writes (2015)

             Project: Group WordPress, Themify, and team collaboration

2015-2016: New Media and Digital Production

             Main Text: Handley's Everybody Writes (2015)

                                  Turkle's Reclaiming Conversation (2015)

             Project: Portfolios & Digital Storytelling


2014-2015: New Media, Entertainment, and Social Responsibility


Main Texts: Schick's "So What?" The Writer's Argument (2013)

                      Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death (1984)

                      Turkle's Alone Together (2009)

Project: WordPress and Group websites using Wix.com


2013-2014: Postman, New Media, & The Arab Spring

Main Texts: Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985)

                      Wael Gohnime: Revolution 2.0 (2012)
                      John Gelvin: The Arab Uprising (2012)

                      Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird (1994) 

Project: WordPress and Group websites using Wix.com


2011-2012: Digital Storytelling  & Concept Designs


Main Text: Carolyn Miller's Digital Storytelling (2008)

                    Kristen Daily's "Cinema 3.0" (2008)

                    Richard Lanham's Revising Prose (1979)

Project: New Media Concept Design

Students' concept design won mtvU competition for
human trafficking